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Standard Hawley Retainer $35

Phase I Hawley Retainer $37

Wraparound Retainer $39

Schwartz Plate $85

2-Screw Sagittal Plate $105

3-Screw Sagittal Plate $130

Talon (Soft In/Hard Out) Splint $100

Night guard $100

Fixed Retainer $36

Invisible Retainer $30

Spring Aligner $85

Nance Appliance $36

Space Maintainer $36

Lower Lingual Holding Arch $36

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE) $70

Bonded RPE $86

Pendex $65

Haas Expander $68

Transpalatal Arch (TPA) $36

Tongue Crib (Habit appliance) $56

Arnold Appliance $70

Quad Helix $46

Removable Quad Helix $68

Custom Sports Mouth Guard $60

Custom Bleaching Trays with Gel $50

Indirect Bonding Trays (U/L arches) = $350*
*Doctor supplies brackets

Indirect Bonding Trays (U/L arches) = $375
*We supply the brackets (022 Metal Roth)
















Pour & Trim impressions (each)                        

Bands (each)                                          

Soldered clasp                                       

Closing spring                                        

Anterior/Posterior bite plate                  

Acrylic on labial bow                             

Extra Tooth (each)                                  

Finger Spring                                          

Colored Acrylic                                       

Designed color                                       





Appliance information 

30-day warranty on all appliances.

2-week business turn around time for all appliance plus shipping times varies by location.

Free shipping applies to orders of 3 cases or more per shipment. Shipping cost of $10 will be incurred on shipments containing less than 3 cases.

*All prices are subject to change*

We are available by email only ( to maximize our efforts to fabricate your appliances.


The Orthodontic Lab is proud to partner with StraightSmile Solutions (TM). Dr. Amanda Wilson’s clients receive a discount for cases that utilize her professional services.