Our Story 

We began as most orthodontic and pediatric dental practices start out by using a local dental laboratory for their retainers, expanders and space maintainers.  As a new client, our orders were picked up and delivered on time and the appliances would fit - most of time.  Overtime, we noticed that the courier would forget to pick up our impressions or deliver the appliances the same time our patient walked in the door.  We also noticed that the same "batch" of retainers were not designed the same suggesting that various laboratory technicians would fabricate them in an assembly line process. 

Therefore, we started The Orthodontic Lab with a certified orthodontic laboratory technician with an eye for detail and creativity to suit your specific needs. All appliances and quality control are overseen by a licensed orthodontist.  By working with your regular USPS mail carrier who visits your office daily, we eliminated the frustrating process of calling your local lab to see if they can pick up your case the same day.  Simply mail your cases with the lab slip in our pre-paid postage box and your USPS driver will pick it up the next time they are at your office. No headaches of hoping someone will answer your call to schedule a pick up. 

By starting our own lab, we can assure better quality appliances for not only our office but provide the same quality for private orthodontic and pediatric dental office nationwide. The goal of The Orthodontic Lab is to provide quality made appliances made at an affordable price and delivered in a reasonable amount of time.